A partial revision of the genus Eucelatoria (Diptera, Tachinidae), including important parasites of Heliothis

Sabrosky, C.W. (1981) A partial revision of the genus Eucelatoria (Diptera, Tachinidae), including important parasites of Heliothis. Other. Science and Education Administration, USA.

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The New World tachinid genus Eucelatoria sens. strict. contains species that commonly parasitise species of the noctuid genus Heliothis as well as other important noctuid genera such as Spodoptera, Mythimna (Leucania) (and including Pseudaletia), Mocis and Trichoplusia. The author presents a partial revision of Eucelatoria, including some species known to be parasites of Heliothis. The species are divided into the group of E. armigera (Coq.) and that of E. rubentis (Coq.). Nine of the 12 already named species belong to the former but only E. armigera, a widely misused name, is treated in detail to clarify its identity. A key is given to 8 species of the E. rubentis group, including E. rubentis, E. bigeminata (Curr.) and 6 described as new: E. bryani sp.n. (which occurs from Kansas and Iowa to Texas and Arizona and south to Nicaragua); E. digitata sp.n. (Peru); E. dominica sp.n. (Dominica); E. guimaraesi sp.n. (Brazil); E. heliothis sp.n. (Venezuela, Colombia and Honduras) and E. teutonia sp.n. (Brazil and Argentina). A key to blondeliine genera with females having an abdominal keel and piercer distinguishes Eucelatoria sens. strict. from genera with similar structure and habitus. Hosts of Eucelatoria, corrections to published records, and variation in taxonomic characters are briefly discussed

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