Lake trophic state and algal growth as influenced by cation concentrations

Batchelder, A.R. (1982) Lake trophic state and algal growth as influenced by cation concentrations. Other. Agricultural Research Service, Washington, USA.

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Laboratory experiments were conducted to evaluate the effects of variations in the Ca, Mg, and Na concentrations in eutrophic waters on the standing crop and growth rates of three algal species. Each species was grown in a standard nutrient medium enriched with Ca, Mg, and Na in varying combinations and at concentrations of 2 and 8 milliequivalents per liter (meq/L) each. The dry weights of Anabaena subcylindrica and Selenastrum capricornutum were reduced by the 8 meq/L Mg treatment, but the toxic effects were overcome by adding Ca to the A. subcylindrica and Ca and Na to the S. capricornutum. None of the cation concentration variations affected the standing crop of Chlorella ellipsoidea. The addition of Na alone to the cultures produced little or no effect, but in combination with added Ca and Mg, it enhanced the growth rates of A. subcylindrica and S. capricornutum. Neither pH, monovalent to divalent cation ratio, or ionic strength of the media affected the algal growth in these studies...

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Author Affiliation: Soil Scientist, United States Agricultural Research Service, Ft. Collins, Colorodo, USA 80522
Subjects: Environmental Science
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