Grain quality evaluations of hybrids between Triticum aestivum and Sorghum bicolor produced by pollen tube pathway method

Zhang, W. and Jin, L. and Li, X. and Jiang, X. and Wang, Y. and Wang, X. (2012) Grain quality evaluations of hybrids between Triticum aestivum and Sorghum bicolor produced by pollen tube pathway method. Australian Journal of Crop Science, 6 (12). pp. 1712-1717.

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Distant hybridization makes it possible to transfer the genome of one species to another, and the pollen tube pathway method has been widely used based on the hypothesis that such distant hybridization process provided the opportunity of the recombination of DNA segment. In this study, we carried out a distant hybridization between Triticum aestivum and Sorghum bicolor via pollen tube pathway method, and five new wheat lines including 9122 (S. bicolor 2D + T. aestivum L13), 9141 (S. bicolor 5D + T. aestivum L10), 9144 (S. bicolor 2D + T. aestivum G8), 9145 (S. bicolor 5D + T. aestivum G8) and 0154 (S. bicolor 10D + T. aestivum G8) were selected to determine the grain quality characteristics of these hybrids. Therefore, the properties of their flour mixogram and high molecular weight subunit of hybrids were analyzed. The variations of mixogram peak time, mixogram peak height, mixogram height in the seventh minute and sedimentation value in the five hybrids were observed, while mixogram width at the seventh minute of all the hybrids was improved. The mutation of high molecular weight subunits of glutenin happened including the composition pattern and content of HMW-GS. In hybrid 9144, the high molecular weight glutenin subunits 5+10 were presented instead of subunits 2+12 of its maternal parent G8. The results indicated that distant hybridization between T. aestivum and S. bicolor via pollen tube pathway method improved the wheat grain quality, which will provide more opportunities for the selection of new wheat cultivar with improving grain quality

Item Type: Article
Additional Information: This work was supported by Special Fund for Agro scientific Research in the Public Interest (201203041), National - 1717 - Natural Science Foundation of China (31270558) and Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities of Lanzhou University (lzujbky-2010-1).
Uncontrolled Keywords: Triticum aestivum, Sorghum bicolor, pollen tube pathway, mixograph, high molecular weight subunit, grain quality. Abbreviations: HMW-GS- high molecular weight glutenin subunits; MHSM- mixogram height at the seventh minute; MPHmixogram height; MPT- mixogram peak time; MWSM- mixogram width at the seventh minute
Author Affiliation: Lanzhou University, P.O. Box 61, Lanzhou 730020, Tianjin University of Sciences and Technology, Tianjin 300222, China, Lanzhou University, Lanzhou 730000, China
Subjects: Plant Production
Crop Improvement
Divisions: Sorghum
Depositing User: Mr. SanatKumar Behera
Date Deposited: 03 Nov 2012 06:43
Last Modified: 03 Nov 2012 06:43

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