Report and recommendations on organic farming

., . (1980) Report and recommendations on organic farming. Other. Biological Waste Management and Organic Resources Laboratory, Beltsville, Maryland, USA.

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The team assessed the nature and activity of organic farming both in the USA and abroad; investigated the motivations of why farmers shift to organic methods; explored the broad sociopolitical character of the organic movement; assessed the nature of organic technology and management systems; evaluated the level of success of organic farmers and the economic impacts, costs, benefits, and limitations to organic farming; identified research and education programmes that would benefit organic farmers; and recommended plans of action for implementation. The study found a broad spectrum of practices, attitudes and philosophies within the organic movement. Organic farming operations are not limited by scale. Motivations for shifting from chemical farming to organic farming include concern for protecting soil, human, and animal health from the potential hazards of pesticides; the desire for lower production inputs; concern for the environment and protection of soil resources. Contrary to popular belief, most organic farmers have not regressed to agriculture as it was practised in the 1930s. While they attempt to avoid or restrict the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, organic farmers still use modern farm machinery, recommended crop varieties, certified seed, sound methods of organic waste management, and recommended soil and water conservation practices. Organic farms on the average are somewhat more labour intensive but use less energy than conventional farms...

Item Type: Monograph (Other)
Author Affiliation: Biological Waste Management and Organic Resources Laboratory, Beltsville, Maryland, USA
Subjects: Plant Production > Farming Systems
Divisions: General
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