Selection for yield in small plots of spring wheat

Kramer, Th. and Van Ooijen, J.W. and Spitters, C.J.T. (1982) Selection for yield in small plots of spring wheat. Euphytica, 31 (3). pp. 549-564.

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Four selection experiments were sown: single-row plots with single row-spacing (≃20 cm), single-row plots with double row spacing (≃40 cm), three-row plots and six-row plots both with single row-spacing (≃20 cm). Selection entries were mimiced by 16 different varieties or advanced breeding lines, which were also sown in a yield trial. Each experiment was laid out as a 4-times replicated randomized block design. Row length was 2 m. Alley borders and border-rows of multiple-row plots were harvested separately to evaluate the effects of different harvesting procedures on the selection efficiency. Removal of alley borders was found to be disadvantageous, since the gain in precision was more than offset by the loss in sampled area. Wide spacing of single-row plots improved the selection efficiency in comparison with normal spaced single-row plots. In multiple-row plots the selection efficiency was not improved by harvesting only the central rows. For gross plot yield (= yield of net plot + yield of alley borders) the differences in selection efficiency between the various selection plot-types were explained on the basis of the genetic variance, the environmental variance and the coefficient of genetic correlation with ‘farm’ yield as determined in the yield trial.

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