Two distinct mechanisms of transgenic resistance mediated by groundnut rosette virus satellite RNA sequences

Taliansky, M.E. and Ryabov, E.V. and Robinson, D.J. (1998) Two distinct mechanisms of transgenic resistance mediated by groundnut rosette virus satellite RNA sequences. Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions, 11 (5). pp. 367-374.

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Transformation of Nicotiana benthamiana with full-length sequences of a mild variant of the groundnut rosette virus (GRV) satellite RNA (sat-RNA) yielded plants that did not produce symptoms when inoculated with GRV and a virulent sat-RNA. Two different resistance mechanisms operated in different transformed lines. In the first, plants contained high levels of transcript RNA, and replication of both sat-RNA and GRV genomic RNA was inhibited. This mechanism is analogous to the down-regulation of GRV genomic and sat-RNA replication in infections containing the mild sat-RNA, and indeed infection of sat-RNA transgenic plants with GRV was shown to lead to liberation of unit-length sat-RNA from transgene transcripts. In the second resistance mechanism, plants contained low transcript RNA levels, and replication of sat-RNA but not of GRV genomic RNA was inhibited. These plants were also resistant to infection by potato virus X derivatives containing GRV sat-RNA sequences. This mechanism is an example of homology-dependent gene silencing or cosuppression. Resistant plants were also produced by transformation with sequences representing only the 5′ terminal one-third of the mild sat-RNA; the mechanism of resistance in these plants was of the cosuppression type

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