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Achorn, F.P. and Livingston, O.W. (1972) Ammonia-urea solution for ammoniation-granulation in Brazil. Other. Agency for International Development, Washington, D. C..

Ahmad , B. (1972) Farm mechanization and Agricultural Development : A case study of the Pakistan Punjab. PhD thesis, Michigan State University.

Appu, P.S. (1972) Ceiling on agricultural holdings. Other. Ministry of Agriculture, Delhi.


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Ekpete, D.M. (1972) Predicting response to potassium for soils of eastern Nigeria. Geoderma, 8 (2-3). pp. 177-189.

Ekpete, D.M. (1972) Predicting response to potassium for soils of eastern Nigeria. Geoderma, 8 (2-3). pp. 177-189.


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Lawand, T.A. and Alward, R. (1972) Plans for a glass and concrete solar still. Technical Report. Brace Research Institute, Canada.

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