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., . (1973) How to construct a cheap wind machine for pumping water. Other. McGill University Faculty of Engineering, Canada.

., . (1973) How to make a solar Cabinet Dryer for agricultural produce. Other. Brace Research Institute.

., . (1973) How to make a solar still (plastic covered). Other. Ste. Anne de Bellevue : Brace Research Institute, MacDonald College of McGill University, Canada.

., . (1973) Sixth International Conference on Soil Tillage. In: Summaries, September 24-29, 1973, Wageningen, The Netherlands.


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Cater, R.H. and et al, . (1973) Parasitization of the Greenbug by Aphelinus asychis and the Effect of Feeding by the Parasitoid on Aphid Mortalitya. Environmental Entomology, 2 (4). pp. 549-554.

Chesney, H.A.D. (1973) Response of Digitaria setivalva to nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and calcium on Ebini sandy loam, Guyana. II. Effect on some chemical properties and nutrient status of soil. Tropical Agriculture, 50 (3). pp. 193-202.

Chung, D.S. and Fleske, L.F. (1973) Development of a simple grain storage unit and storage method applicable to humid areas : I. Laboratory testing of drying agents for small scale on-farm drying and storage. Documentation. Kansas State University, , Manhattan, Kansas.


De Grazio, J.W. (1973) Vertebrate damage control research, quelea bird problems in African agriculture. Documentation. Denver Wildlife Research Center, Denver.


Eisenmann, J.L. and Smith, J.D. (1973) Selective nutrient removal from secondary effluent. Project Report. Office of Research and Development, Washington.


FAO, - (1973) Development of food marketing systems for large urban areas 1. Latin America. Project Report. FAO.

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Mcalpin, M.B. (1973) The impact of railroads on agriculture in india, 1860-1900:A case study of cotton cultivation. PhD thesis, University of Wisconsin.


Nasoetion, A.H. (1973) An introduction to some tests of significance. Documentation. Agricultural Development Council, New York.

Norman, D.W. (1973) Economic analysis of agricultural production and labour utilisation among the Hausa in the North of Nigeria. Documentation. Michigan State University, Michigan, USA.


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Sinha, S.K. and Mukherjee, B. and Roy, C.B. and Kundu, P.C. (1973) The national sample survey: Twentieth round July 1965-June 1966. Other. The Manager of Publications, Delhi.


WRD, . and ITS, . (1973) Rainwater Catchment Project Jamaica. Project Report. Water Resources Division/Inter-Technology Services Ltds, Jamaica.

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Ziauddin, Ahmad and Murty, B. R and Harinarayana , G (1973) Combining Ability for Developmental Traits in some Advanced Generations in Dwarf Pennisetums. Indian Journal of Genetics and Plant Breeding, 33 (1). pp. 16-23.

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